About Hackney Publications

Hackney Publications delivers valuable and important information about the legal side of the sports industry. Its overriding mission, through its publications, is to maintain a narrow editorial focus on issues that matter to its subscribers.

The company was founded by journalist Holt Hackney, who has spent more than 30 years writing about sports, business and the law.

Holt Hackney, Editor and Publisher

Hackney began covering sports for weekly and daily newspapers in the 1980s. He has been published in the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune and Fort Lauderdale News Sun-Sentinel, among other dailies.

Later in the decade, he moved on to business journalism, working as a staff writer for New York City-based Financial World magazine. Hackney pioneered the sports business beat in national business magazines, writing stories about such issues as the NBA salary cap, the economic value of hosting the Olympic Games and the sometimes-brutal contract negotiations that take place in the NFL. Hackney was part of the writing team at Financial World that wrote the industry’s first franchise valuation stories.

In the early 1990s, he became the director of communications at the National Golf Foundation, where he wrote and edited Golf Market Today, an industry newsletter as well as authored numerous other publications.

Three years later, he joined LRP Publications, a legal publisher, where he managed five subscriber-based legal publications and their respective editors. After leaving LRP, Hackney continued to maintain a connection to the journalism field by launching Legal Issues in College Athletics (LICA) for Andrews Publications. Introduced in the fall of 1999, LICA has developed a loyal following in both the legal and higher education communities.

In the decade since, Hackney has launched numerous other sports law periodicals, solidifying the company as a national leader in the space.

Hackney is also involved on the corporate side, where he helps companies achieve their corporate communications objectives through the effective use of newsletters through a sister company, Hackney Communications.

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Erika Perez, Director of Marketing
A graduate of the University of Monterrey, Erika is responsible for the production of all newsletters as well as social media initiatives.

Jeff Birren, Senior Writer
Former law professor/general counsel to the Oakland Raiders

Gary Chester, Senior Writer
Sports law professor and attorney 

Robert J. Romano, Senior Writer
St. Johns University sports law professor 

Dr. Ellen Staurowsky, Senior Writer
Full professor at Ithaca College

Holt Hackney